• SLUDGE STRIKER will liquefy paraffin wax, asphalt, bitumen, tar and resin deposits on contact, Ideally used with super tanksweeps and super manway cannons

into three phase separation oil-water & solids

= re-liquefaction of hydrocarbon 3 Phase Oil Sludge Separation without a centrifuge! using SLUDGE STRIKER – it is also a emulsion breaker

SLUDGE STRIKER This pure asphalt was liquid at 80 degrees C (176F) and poured into the jar. As soon as it was cold it was solid and it needed a heated spoon to enable a small chunk to be removed. So without any heat SLUDGE STRIKER will liquefy asphalt, bitumen, paraffin wax, etc. Emulsions vanish and Solids will drop out by adding water leaving oil that will not return ever to its previous state. Ideal for lagoons, pits, and tanks that have heavy sludge. Use with Tanksweeps or Manway Cannons to make difficult tank cleaning jobs simple. Use in pits, lagoons, and separators for easy removal to recover the good oil. SLUDGE STRIKER solves the problem. see  https://nonentrytankcleaning.com for our equipment.

Part 1 Mix Sludge Striker with heavy almost solid crude sludge

Part 2 Mixed Sludge Striker with heavy crude sludge then add water to see the result

Road asphalt


liquifies paraffin wax, asphaltene, bitumen, tar, and resin deposits and is also an emulsion breaker