We have a range of hydraulic pumps for various uses pumping and transfer of various liquids and sludges using our tank cleaning systems.我们拥有一系列液压泵,可用于各种用途,并使用我们的储罐清洁系统来泵送和输送各种液体和污泥。 Hydraulic power is used because it is the safest and most efficient.使用液压动力是因为它最安全,最有效。 It also allows operators to remotely switch on/off pumps and adjust their speed to give the required performance of flow and pressure to be the most suitable for the job they are doing.它还允许操作员远程打开/关闭泵并调整速度,以提供所需的流量和压力性能,使其最适合他们的工作。 Using hydraulic power we have no electric cables and the risks associated with using them.使用液压动力,我们没有电缆,也没有使用电缆的风险。


  • 人孔大炮压力泵
  • 罐内使用的污泥泵
  • 污泥输送泵
  • 潜水污泥泵