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All of you who are trying to work with outdated and frequently badly designed and non-perform-ant manway cannons, relief is here. If your Manway Cannons spend more time being repaired than working, and the jobs they do are unsatisfactory a solution is now available.

Because “This SUPER MANWAY CANNON” will make your dreams come true, your tanks become clean and your customers happy. ,

PRO-LINE HYDRALINK SUPER CANNON consists of 3 containerized modules that contain everything that is needed to make the SUPER CANNON the most modern, sophisticated, efficient and super performant Tank Cleaning Manway Cannon System on the market.

Three containers that contain all of the remote super manway cannon system components

Two manway super cannons fitted with lights, camera, gas and oxygen detection

Super Manway Cannon Control Panel

Everything is operated from right here. All of the SMCRC re-circulation tank logic is seen here. A smaller display behind the joystick tells you what your engine is doing, the joystick is for Cannon movement. To the left a knob is to throttle up your engine, dial-up your sludge pump, dial-up your high-pressure pump, recirculate the weir tank, alarms for your gas/O2 monitors.

Pressure and sludge pumps fully remote hydraulic operation
SUPER MANWAY CANNON SMWC Recirculation & Filtration Tank (SMCRC)

Other Components

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