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Our Industry making Tank Cleaning Modern-Safe-and Effective for TANK Cleaners and Tank Owners

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Mechanical Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering Specialists

Come and talk to us about tank cleaning and oil recovery including non man entry, remote and robotics. Our world wide known and highly experienced expert Tony Bennett Started cleaning crude oil and product tanks in France in 1976 and soon decided there were better, safer and easier ways to do this job. Tony got involved in the design and manufacture of different tank cleaning systems including non man entry systems and also oil recovery systems. His large experience in this industry gives him the knowledge to assist customers understanding what they need to achieve and how to do it properly and safely. Tony has experimented with a multitude of tank cleaning ideas and is very well versed in what works and what does not work. Call or email Tony for a chat.

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Manufacturing is one of our Strengths

With a team of dedicated professional design engineers, a fluid design engineer, an electronics engineer, a QC manager and a highly-skilled workforce on the shop floor PRO-LINE HYDRALINK is a very unique company that has built its reputation on the quality of its products. Our capacity to engineer/design, fabricate & assemble new equipment is 2nd to NONE. Along with designing our own products, we build all of our equipment in-house which allows us to create products that are purpose-driven AND maintain a very high level of quality.

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Power And The Energy Industry

Heavy Fuel Oil Tanks in the Power generation stations, ROV and Robotic Materiel Handling in the Nuclear Industry our equipment is used internationally

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Petroleum Industry is one of our Specialities

Above ground Storage Tanks, Underground Tanks, Marine and Vessel Tanks - Our range of systems will clean them all using Remote and Robotics options to ensure safety is paramount.

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Frequently Asked Questions and answers

Tanksweep methods are not to be confused with these methods that are very frequently unsuccessful due due to several reasons 1. The nozzles are small and are limited in their ability to pass large flows at a satisfactory pressure whilst our 18 inch Tanksweep nozzle each delivers 660m3/hour at 10 bar pressure. 2. These nozzles rotate endlessly and their direction cannot be controlled or directed to where they may be needed whilst Tanksweep nozzles are directional and can be moved horizontally by a simple hand wheel to exactly where they are needed. 3. Nozzles fitted through a tank roof are not submerged and therefore the tank needs to be inerted whilst Tanksweeps are used when the liquid in the tank is 1.5m minimum above the tanksweep nozzle, this ensures that the steam from the nozzle cannot break through the fluid level into the airspace and therefore it is not necessary to inert the tank. Of course if local legislation demands a tank be cleaned only when inerted then this is also possible. 4. Nozzles fitted through a tank roof are only able to disturb the sludge within a limited distance from the nozzle and so quite locally to the nozzles location, this means that to be able to cover the entire tank many nozzles need to be fitted but of course their direction cannot be controlled whilst with Tanksweeps a tank up to 50m diameter can be cleaned with 2 x tanksweeps, a tank between 50 and 80m diameter requires 3 x tanksweeps, and a tank of 80-100m requires 4 x tanksweeps. 5. Roof entry nozzles require cranage and men on the tank roof whilst Tanksweeps are side entry into a tank so no need to crane nozzles and hoses onto the tank roof or to send men to work in this very hazardous area. 6. Because of Tanksweep nozzles have full side to side movement the entire tank is covered and by using a thermal imaging camera the tanksweep nozzles may be directed to where they are needed. To de-sludge and fluidize the whole contents of a tank Tanksweeps have the power to get the job done correctly.
Tanksweeps work through side entry into a tank via the manways using 3 tanksweeps (on a 80m diameter tank) As the level is above the manways these cannot be removed. So access for the tanksweeps into the tank will be by using Proline Hydralink Coldtap flanges. The cold tap flanges are fitted to the manway lids by first cleaning the manway lid of paint and rust to ensure a gasket will make a correct seal with the coldtap flanges. Then every other nut and bolt securing the manway lid are removed. The cold tap flange together with a suitable gasket is then fitted to the manway lid and secured. Now the remaining nuts and bolts are removed and replaced with the special washers nuts and bolts supplied with the coldtap flanges and secured. The cold tap flange has a stub with a 18 inch flange fitted to it. A 18 inch FULL BORE gate valve is fitted and secured to the flange with a gasket. A hottap hydraulic drilling machine is now required, this can be a outside contractor who specialises in hottaping or using the Proline Hydralink drilling machine. The drilling machine is fitted to the 18 inch valve and the valve opened allowing the drilling machine to cut the correct size coupon out of the manway lid. Once cut the drill is withdrawn with the cut coupon and the 18 valve is closed. The drilling machine is removed and replaced by the tanksweep with its nozzle in the entered position. The tanksweep is supported and levelled by means of 4 hand jacks. . The tanksweeps are connected by the cargo hoses supplied to the filter on the suction side of the tanksweep chamber. There is a flange on both sides so the most convenient can be used and the other blanked off. The filter is connect to the pump suction and the pump discharge connected to the tanksweep delivery side.
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